About Us

Hebei Meirui Metals & Minerals Co., Ltd, located in Shijiazhuang city, Established in 1995.

As a professional rolling shutter door parts supplier, we have all kinds of component, such as chain hoist, lock system, spring box, stopper, collar, steel bracket, solid shaft, pipe & shaft holder, tension wheel, charge wheel, rod & pipe anchor, aluminum or stainless steel tube, aluminum or stainless steel link, bearing, washer, endlock, windlock, perforated galvanized coil and other connect parts, etc. We have our our own foundries, machine centers and punchs with full set of instruments to ensure our products in best quality.

Our products are widely used in many fields rolling shutter door, industrial door, commercial door and residential doors. Good quality, competitive price and good service help our products sell well in USA, Canada, Europe, Asian countries and African countries.

Sincerely hope to establish long term business relationship with you.

Your inquiry and visit are always welcomed!

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